5 Reasons Why THIS Is the Year to Put in a New Screen Room

If you have some money set aside (and maybe even if you don’t), you should strongly consider hopping on the bandwagon for the latest home-improvement trend in the Mid-South…screen rooms! Screen Room additions have accelerated in popularity due to their relative low cost compared with other renovation projects. Screened-in rooms can make a massive difference in the daily lives of homeowners.

How Memphis Screen Rooms Can Elevate Your Living!

When homeowners consider how to spend their budget, there are two factors to consider: how the renovation affects the value of the home, and how the renovation affects the homeowner’s enjoyment of the home. Screen rooms in Memphis tick both of these boxes in a big way. The top 5 reasons are as follows:

  1. Mid-South Screen Rooms Help You Beat the Bugs: Amp up your enjoyment of summers in the Mid-South — screen rooms can give you the feel of the outdoors without any of the drawbacks … namely those creepy crawling buzzkills that  drop by uninvited.
  2. Marshall Brothers Has Hot Offers for Screen Room Additions: It’s always best to strike while the iron’s hot. And right now, we’re offering flexible financing, exceptional warranties and free design consultations on all screen room additions!
  3. Give Yourself Some Space: Screen rooms in Memphis can be almost anything you want them to be — bike storage, a play area, an outdoor dining spot, a plant oasis, a table tennis arena … the options are only as limited as your imagination (and we’re thinking you’re pretty imaginative!)
  4. Expand Your Home Without the Red Tape: Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people opt for screened-in rooms is that they don’t require the building permits (and long wait times) of brick-and-mortar additions.
  5. Mid-South Screen Rooms Can Be Installed in No Time: The home improvement experts at Marshall Brothers Home Improvements can install most screen room additions in mere days. You won’t have to deal with drawn-out construction times — you can enjoy your new addition pretty much immediately!

Want to know more about screen room additions? Call the experienced installers at Marshall Brothers Construction! We’ll set you up with a free, no-obligation in-home estimate that covers how we can customize a build to match your needs and budget. Optimize your enjoyment of the outdoors, and call today!