Windows do more than just give you beautiful views from inside your home—they play important roles in curb appeal, efficiency, and the durability of your exterior. While all homeowners know that it’s essential to have quality windows in the home, that doesn’t make it any easier to decide which options are best for you when it’s time for a window replacement!

At Marshall Brothers Home Improvements, we know that the vast selection of styles, designs, and options for windows in today’s market can be overwhelming. While hopper replacement windows are one of the most versatile and popular styles of windows we offer, you also need to take a look at the pros and cons of other window types to determine which option is right for your needs.  

What is the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay windows and bow windows have a similar appearance that consists of multiple window panels joined to extend out from the home exterior. While this unique design makes them a high-impact choice for curb appeal, there are still several differences to take into consideration before deciding if you want one of these windows installed in your home:

Bay Windows: Bay windows are built with three windows that create an angled alcove in your interior. This creates additional floor space, a stylish exterior focal point, and increased light in your favorite room of the house.

Bow Windows: Bow windows are ideal for larger spaces where homeowners want to make a statement, and they are crafted with four or more window panes that curve gently for a stunning addition both inside and outside of your home.  

How do Casement Windows and Garden Windows Differ?

Casement and garden replacement windows are two other styles that continue to hold-on to their place a highly desirable option for homes in the Mid-South area. While all of the casement and garden windows from Marshall Brothers Home Improvements come with custom options, superior performance, and durable construction, they are very different styles that have their own benefits and features:

Casement Windows: Hinged at the side, casement windows allow for full ventilation and add a classic touch to your local home—making them ideal for historic properties or rooms with hard-to-reach areas in need of fresh air.

Garden Windows: This window style is one of the most unique on the market, and it acts as a mini-greenhouse that is perfect for growing plants, flowers, and herbs all year long. Their high-efficiency glass panes create a light-filled nook, which makes garden windows popular in kitchens, living areas, and stairwell landings.

Why is a Hopper Window Replacement a Smart Investment?

The windows that you choose for your home depend on a number of factors, including your personal style preference, home layout, and need for efficiency and security. While the above window options can all add value and performance to your home, our hopper windows are an economical, beautiful choice that combines the best in high-value benefits, including:  

Versatile designs with an inward-tilting sash secured by a bottom hinge, allowing them to be used in conjunction with other windows or in tight, hard-to-access spaces.

Efficient features that include innovative glass and weather-tight seals to help reduce the load on your HVAC unit and save you money on energy costs.

Easy upkeep and low-maintenance cleaning requirements with vinyl construction that never needs to be stained or repainted.

Professional installation service from an expert team of hopper window installers that ensure a watertight fit that holds-up to decades of wear and tear.

Hopper windows might not be the most dramatic choice for replacement windows, but they are guaranteed to be a beautiful and functional addition to any Mid-South home. When you’re considering a hopper window installation or want to learn more about the benefits of the various window styles available, contact the pros at Marshall Brothers Home Improvements. By giving us a call or filling out our online form, you can get the information you need—with a free estimate and consultation from our experienced, friendly crew.