exterior remodeling home by marshall brothers

A beautiful exterior is a big part of your Memphis home's curb appeal. It's also the outer shell that serves as a first line of defense against the elements. If your home exterior is compromised, your property can lose energy efficiency, and value in the eyes of potential buyers. However, you might not always know when it's time to call in the exterior remodeling experts at Marshall Brothers Home Improvements.

For instance, is the window in need of a repaint or do you need to replace it? Is the front door showing some cracks? Can you repair it or should you just install a new one? To give you a better idea of when more extensive work is required, here are a few signs that exterior remodeling is needed!

Problem Windows Causing Trouble

kitchen windows installed by marshall brothers

Homeowners choose to install replacement windows for many reasons from condensation between the panes to drafts. The latter is probably the biggest motivator for getting new windows. A draft is not only uncomfortable, it affects the temperature inside your home. You'll likely be using the HVAC system more often, which can dramatically increase utility bills.

Do You Have Sticky Doors?

glass front door installed by marshall brothers

As a home ages, the structure can shift slightly, causing a once level door to become crooked. You'll know this has happened if your door starts catching on the frame or develops a draft. Deteriorating wood and fiberglass also leads to wind drafts that affect indoor temperatures.

It may also be time to replace your front door when the physical damage from impacts, UV rays, and the elements becomes so great that a paint job won't cover it. Save time and effort by simply replacing the front door.

Update Siding That's Peeling Paint

replacement siding around garage door installed by marshall brothers

Many homes have painted siding, and over time this paint begins to peel. Depending on the condition of the panels, whether they are missing or damaged, you may be able to strip it and repaint. However, it's probably worth your while to simply update siding that features excessive damage with replacement siding.

Marshall Brothers Home Improvements has a skilled exterior remodeling team available to renovate your Memphis area property. Each member of our team receives ongoing training to remain current on our installation practices. If you are interested in learning more about our services, reach out to us by phone or via our online form to request a FREE in-home consultation and price estimate!