If you’re like many homeowners in Memphis, you might be recovering after a long, eventful summer filled with home improvement and lawn care projects. You may have invested in professional landscaping, for example, or completed several DIY projects to enhance the curbside appeal of your outdoor gardens and lawn.

While it may seem tempting to rest now that the summer season is over, you might want to reconsider hibernation for just a little while longer. Fall is a wonderful time for lawn care and outdoor exterior maintenance, and there are many important things you can do to prepare your outdoor property for the arrival of the winter season.

At Marshall Brothers Home Improvements, we’ve been helping Memphis homeowners improve their properties throughout the seasons of the year. We know how important year-round maintenance and lawn care can be, especially during the fall season—which is why we’ve provided these lawn care tips for preserving the beauty and health of your lawn over the autumn months.

Preparing for the Springtime Starts Now

For homeowners that work hard to keep their lawns in tip-top shape throughout the summer, it can be a shock to see the effects of the colder weather seeping in during the fall. Leaves are falling from the trees, leaving the branches bare, and the fresh, green grass is turning yellow.

While these changes are cyclical and will return to normal after winter, it’s normal to feel a bit sad to see your hard work disappear. However, there are things you can do to keep your property healthy in the meantime while setting the stage for an even more beautiful spring and summer next year.

Here’s a list of important tips for preparing your lawn for the Springtime, starting in the fall:

  • Clear the Debris: Clear your lawn of dead leaves, weeds, and anything else that is keeping your grass hidden. By raking and clearing debris throughout the fall season, your lawn will breathe and remain open to receive maximum sunlight, rain, and fresh air, which will help it to stay stronger and healthier when spring comes around making for greener pastures.
  • Evergreen Maintenance: For those with evergreen plants on your property, your lawn will benefit from the added beauty throughout the winter season. However, you still need to perform maintenance on these plants in the fall season and throughout the rest of the year, so that they look their best and stay healthy over the winter months.
  • All the Trimmings: Whether it’s the hedges, bushes, shrubs, or trees this is the time of year to trim and prune the plant life. Cutting away what’s not healthy or already dead will allow the remaining parts of the plants to thrive and grow optimally into the next year. Work with professional landscapers who are trained to handle all of your lawn needs for best results.
  • Soil Tests: Without healthy soil, you can’t have healthy plants. Test the soil so you can treat it in time for strong growth next year.
  • Fertilization: Fertilizers promote strong growth for the new grass that will come in after winter, and for plants that will bud in spring.
  • Sow Seeds in the Fall: Sometimes grass will die out in patches that won’t grow in properly in the Spring. Fall is a good time to plant new grass seeds in preparation for the springtime, to avoid an uneven lawn filled with empty spots and holes once the winter is over.

In addition to taking care of your landscaping, fall is the time to start considering what you want to add next year to make your lawn even more of a paradise. For example, if you already have a pergola, then maybe it’s time to think about building a beautiful screen room for enjoying your outdoor garden throughout the seasons of the year.  

For the best results, consider working with professionals like the ones at Marshall Brothers Home Improvements who can help you with every aspect of your outdoor living area.

Perfect Exteriors with Classic Construction

Whether it’s landscaping services or the addition of a beautifully designed pergola, there are many ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s outdoor areas. At Marshall Brothers Home Improvements, we believe that everyone should enjoy a more beautiful home, which is why we’re focused on providing our customers with cost-effective solutions for high-quality, superior home remodeling.

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home’s exterior this fall, we’d love to hear from you. Give our team a call to discuss your plans for home improvement this season or fill out our online form to get started with a free, no-obligation pricing estimate and consultation now.