energy efficient replacement windows in a kitchen

When it comes to most remodeling projects, homeowners often find themselves comparing the cost versus the benefits. This is especially true with energy efficient windows. While they are more expensive than other replacement windows, the return on investment makes them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to see major improvements in the quality of their home. 

Energy Savings

Unlike ordinary windows, energy efficient windows are designed to make your home more comfortable by preventing the escape of hot or cool air. The increased insulation creates less work for your heating and cooling system, and as a result, you start to see savings on your energy bill. Depending on the type of window you are replacing, you could begin to see a drastic reduction in your energy costs. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see savings upwards of 25% when you replace a single pane window with a double pane energy efficient window.

Increased Home Value

If you ever plan on selling your home, you’ll be glad that you replaced your outdated windows with energy efficient styles. More and more buyers are looking for turn-key houses, so you can expect to get far more out of a home with good windows than you would with the old single panes. Not to mention, a window replacement adds to the curb appeal for an overall increase in the value of your house.

Noise Reduction

energy efficient replacement windows reducing bedroom noise

For customers who want to enjoy some peace and quiet, the reduction in sound transmission makes energy efficient windows more than worth their cost. Thanks to the very same insulating qualities that save you money on your heating and cooling bills, you can also reduce the amount of noise getting into your home. Whether your neighbor has noisy dogs or likes to mow the grass on Saturday mornings, you’ll be able to sleep soundly with your new windows.

UV Protection

energy efficient windows in a white home with a red door

In addition to keeping the cool air in on a hot day, the best energy efficient windows have a coating that protects your house from the sun’s UV rays. With this new technology, you can let the sunlight inside without letting the heat in because it stops the ultraviolet rays from entering your home. However, they also have options with less protection so that homes in colder climates can soak up the sunshine’s warmth on winter days. 

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