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For most Memphis homeowners, having access to a beautiful sunroom is a dream come true. These enclosed spaces give you splendid views of the outdoors without having to be exposed to the elements. But unless you have an all-season room, which typically makes use of the home’s HVAC system or its own heating source, you probably find the room just a bit too drafty to enjoy in the blustery winter months.

Though the name “three season room” implies that the room is only useful for spring, summer, and fall, nobody wants to feel like they can’t access a certain area of their home for an extended period of time. In this post, we suggest a few ways to warm up your sunroom, so that you can enjoy every square foot of your treasured sanctuary any time of the year.

Warming Up a Sunroom Addition: A Few Tips

There are a few easy steps Memphis homeowners can take to add comforting heat to their sunroom addition. Most can be done with just a little time and minimal investment.

1. Add thick carpeting or a heavy rug

This is one of the simplest, most basic strategies for adding warmth to your sunroom. Lay down some carpeting or a rug to help retain any heat in your room and to keep your feet protected from the cold, hard surface underneath. Aside from physical warmth, rugs and carpeting can give an aesthetic sense of warmth, too, by adding color and soft textures.

2. Apply weather-stripping to keep air from leaking in through the windows

Tiny little leaks near your windows and doors may be letting in more cold air than you think. Go stand by the door in your sunroom addition—do you feel a slight breeze? Add weather-stripping to seal up any air leaks and keep warm air from escaping.

3. Put clear plastic insulation over any glass panes

It may be old-fashioned, but nothing beats the effectiveness of clear plastic insulation in keeping cold temperatures at bay. Since the plastic is typically thin and mostly clear, you shouldn’t have much obstruction in your view, and warmth from the sun will still enter during the daytime.

4. Install thermal-insulated drapes that can be closed at night

Perhaps a more stylish option than the plastic insulation, thermal-insulated drapes can be closed at night or during especially cold times to provide a barrier between your space and the freezing temperatures just outside. When the sun returns, or a bout of milder weather happens, simply draw the curtains and allow the sun to warm your space. An added benefit of the drapes is that they can obscure your views of the outdoors on dreary days and allow you to set a more cheerful tone in the room.

5. Add a portable fireplace or a heater

A portable fireplace or a small space heater can do wonders in your three season room, especially if you need to increase the room’s temperature by just a few degrees. Be sure to research reputable brands and invest in a heater with plenty of safety features.  

6. Invest in an upgrade to double-paned glass

Though it would be an investment that would take some budgeting and planning, adding double-paned glass windows with better insulation is a surefire way to retain more warmth in your sunroom—and it would provide benefits for the long haul.  

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