pergola by a pool

Your new pergola installation can be useful for transforming the yard in so many ways. It's more than just a shady spot to relax under. Pergolas help define specific living areas, enhance the garden, or create a little extra privacy. If you are thinking about purchasing a pergola in Memphis, but aren't sure what to do with it, Marshall Brothers Home Improvement has a few ideas!

Enhance the Patio

Perhaps the most popular place for a pergola is the patio where it can provide some shade without impeding your view or the fresh air. Use the pergola to create an outdoor living area with stylish furniture and table. Or, put it over an outdoor kitchen to help shield the chef without hindering air flow.

Add Curb Appeal Out Front

You might be surprised to know that a pergola works just as well in front of the home. If you have a drab front entrance, dress it up a bit with a small pergola installation over the doorway. This will provide some protection from the elements, while adding visual appeal to your property.

Span the Water with a Pergola

At Marshall Brothers Home Improvement, we use strong, heavy-duty materials that resist rot and chemicals. If you are interested in adding some shade to part of your pool or over the hot tub, our pergolas make an excellent choice. They are available in a composite Alumawood or natural Cedar wood.

Create a Garden Hideaway

Pergolas are ideal support structures for vining plants like, ivy, nasturtiums, trumpet flowers, and morning glories. Train your plants up the beams and across the top of the pergola to create a wall of foliage for increased shade and privacy. Under the pergola, you can place a comfortable chair or bench to relax on.

Before you can take on any of these projects, you'll need qualified experts to install the pergola. Have Marshall Brothers Home Improvement come out to provide a no-obligation price estimate for any of our stylish pergolas right away. All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our online contact form today.