A beautiful home is much more than a well-designed house or a well-kept front porch—it also has a lot to do with your yard and outdoor living area. Paying attention to your home's landscaping and outdoor amenities with beautiful upgrades can add serious curb appeal to your entire property, and can boost your home value to a high degree.

One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is the addition of a pergola to the garden areas of the home. A pergola is a wall-less outdoor structure built with columns or posts, that utilizes cross rafters to provide an inviting, lightly covered space. Pergolas are a great way to enjoy the outdoor living area surrounding your home to relax, to dine, and entertain—or to simply add beauty to your home and property.

If you're interested in adding a freestanding pergola or an attached pergola to enhance your outdoor area, take a look at this guide from Marshall Brothers Home Improvement to learn more.

The Benefits of a Beautiful Pergola

There are numerous ways that a freestanding pergola or attached pergola can enhance the beauty of your outdoor living area. These include:

  • Personalized Design: A pergola is meant to create visual interest. This can be expanded upon with the use of flowering vines and other plant life along the vertical posts and rafters. If the all-natural approach isn't your style, that's perfectly fine. Simple, all-weather fabrics or other similar items can add a bit of zest to your pergola.
  • Maximizes Outdoor Living: An empty outdoor living area is an area that lacks appeal and attention. When you add a pergola, you create a more usable outdoor space thanks to its ability to provide a degree of protection against weather. Plus, it creates a gathering area for you, your family, and guests, which can help you spend more time enjoying the yard.
  • Line up the Angles: Unlike a patio roof or similar design element, a pergola gives you complete control over how much sun and shade seep into your yard. For example, if you love sunsets, you can set up your pergola to let in the setting sun. If you'd rather use the pergola to block the pool area from late afternoon UV sun rays, you can build the pergola to shade accordingly.

What Should I Know Before Installing a Pergola?

Researching any home improvement project is a must—even if it's something as simple as adding a pergola structure to your backyard. Before working with a qualified contractor, take a look at the most commonly asked questions about pergolas:

  • What Material is Best? Composite material or natural wood is best for this structure. Ask your home remodeling team about the benefits and downsides of both, as each one has a different cost, look, and maintenance needs to consider.
  • What Do They Cost? The range in style options and material preferences ensures there's a pergola available to fit your budget. That being said, the bigger the structure and the more expensive the materials are, the more you'll pay for your pergola.
  • Should I Install My Own Pergola or Hire a Remodeling Company? If you're handy, this can be a simple enough project to tackle on your own. That being said, a pergola built by qualified contractors usually offers a warranty or comparable benefit. Plus, they know what they're doing so you can count on a proper installation the first time.
  • Freestanding or Attached? That's up to you. Pergolas can be attached to the home or installed to stand away from the home in the yard. If you already have an established porch, you may want to consider an attached pergola to add more dimension to the existing space. If you currently lack any structured area, then you might want to choose a freestanding pergola to create a brand-new space.

Maximize Outdoor Living with Marshall Brothers Home Improvement

When it comes to a cost-effective solution to improve your outdoor living area, nothing quite beats a pergola. Pergolas offer more versatility than a full enclosure, and allow for controlled airflow for a truly controlled outdoor experience.

Marshall Brothers Home Improvement proudly offers freestanding pergolas backed by sturdy construction and latticed overhead crossbeams. As part of our commitment to offering the best home remodeling solutions, our pergolas are fully customized to your exact preferences. We offer two distinct materials to meet your needs, which are:

  • Alumawood: This is a heavy-duty composite material. It mimics natural wood in appearance but requires far less maintenance. The material won't warp, peel, crack, or even need repainting.
  • Natural Cedar Wood: This option resists insects and rot while offering a truly classic look. For that perfectly natural look, you can't go wrong with natural cedarwood.

Ready to select your freestanding pergola or attached pergola? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional outdoor living products or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home pricing estimate now.